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How would you explain your photography style?

Modern, fun, a little quirky, colourful and personal. Its important to me that my wedding couples feel relaxed around me, so I strive to be calm and cheery and to work hard to get all the important shots. I’m really into ensuring that all the details that you put a lot of work into get photographed, such as flower arrangements, decorations, the cake and other personal touches. My style is modern, taking advantage of natural light (where possible) and I think a good word is - honest. Im not a magician...I cant stop the rain, or retouch the melted icing on your cake, but I will document and capture the essence of the day - beautifully.

Can you show me a some of your recent wedding pictures?

Yes. On this website you can see some of my latest work in the gallery, however I cannot feature and update after every wedding I do. But when we meet up, I will present my photography and show you examples my very latest work.

When will we see our wedding pictures and when will we receive our Album?

You will typically get to see your images, firstly on your online image gallery, 3-4 weeks after the wedding. You will then receive your digital cd copy shortly after that. And finally, once you have made your image selection for your album, you will receive your album in the post 2-3 weeks after selection.

How many images do we get, and what format are they?

For a full-day wedding, you will get around 300-400 high rez jpgs, on a cd. For a half day you will get about 250 high rez jpgs.

How far ahead do we need to book you as a photographer?

I usually get booked up to 12 months before the wedding date. The best thing to do is plan ahead, and enquire about availability via email or phone. Having said that, I have had people book me as short as 2 months before their wedding, and I was free that weekend.

Do you shoot digital, and what camera do you use?

I do indeed shoot digital, with one of the best SLR’s on the market - Canon 5D mark III.

Check it out here

What time will you arrive and for how long will you shoot?

I arrive at the time we agree on beforehand. Usually I arrive for getting some shots of the bride getting ready, and I stay for 8 hours after that, typically until you have had your first dance and cut the cake.

If my wedding lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

I will stay until I have gotten all the shots, ie speeches, cake cutting, group shots, first dance. Don’t worry if it runs over, I will ensure we cover your day as agreed, and wont charge you extra.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes, I do, not so much to do photography, but rather to ensure the days runs smoothly, carry the heavy stuff, do onsite backups and run the vintage photo booth.

Will I receive a written contract?

Yes, I will either give you one when we meet, or I will email you one to print off and sign.

Do you use a flash?

Yes, when necessary. For venues that are solely lit by candles or if you are choosing a barn wedding (with no windows!) I will have to supplement the existing lighting with a flash gun. However I do my best to ensure the atmosphere is not lost, these pictures are all done with a flash:

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